Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Cool Make and Takes by....

Hi, I’m Nora Griffin…basically just an avid scrapbooker who has been ridiculously lucky to get a few cool opportunities like teaching and guest designing. When I’m not trying to make stuff I’m busy attempting to finally be a good college student. I am working to complete bachelor degrees in Sociology and Women’s Studies at Cal State Fullerton. My son McIntosh has newly turned twelve years old, but thankfully still appreciates my sparkling wit because other than that I’m just the annoying person always crying out for him to clean his room. My husband Sean has put up with me and my crazy ideas for nine years now. He seemingly manages to love me despite the fact that it might involve punching out hundreds of patterned paper scalloped circles or painting a room in our house yet again. Other than that I’m boring…things like organizing a cabinet or spreading a ridiculous amount of butter on a piece of sourdough bread makes me happy…but it’s the little things in life, right?

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