Monday, March 9, 2009

Cathy Z picked a winner

Did you guys see that we were giving away a Reflections registration ? Well, Nancy won. Yeah Nancy! Her note was super cute. Here's what she had to say when Cathy told her she won.

Hey best buddy, best pal, fave simple scrapper, design teacher extraordinaire (that's French):I bet you thought I fell off the earth and did not know I won. Well, I did not know I won until about an hour ago! American Idol was too mind numbing on Wed to return to internet surfing, on Thursday I was too busy to check blogs only email, so today I resumed regularly scheduled blog surfing and OH MY GOSH, I saw my name and freaked out!! Being the anal person that I am, I had to immediately check out every possible cost involved and see if I could swing it, and of course, run it past the DH (he never did call me back, so I called him again). And so . . . the hotel, it still has the group room rate available (seriously?) I was shocked; called them directly. And the flights from Indianapolis, surely that would do me in. Priceline - round trip - to the airport nearest the hotel (not LAX) under $300, that is unreal. Shuttle service to/from the airport, probably $75 I'm thinking, no - FREE!! listed on the hotel website. So I guess Cathy, HOOK ME UP! This is probably the point where most people would say, "I never win anything," but I actually did win a free weekend at a hotel in Chicago once. How many times can I say thank you! or use exclamation points!! because I feel like saying THANK YOU again, and to the Scrapbook Oasis girls who gave this away! (I've been surfing their site and blogs, too). Not getting too much done here at work right now! Ever So Sincerely,Nancy Lockhart

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