Thursday, April 16, 2009

photography class input :)

Hi there! I cannot believe how quick time has gone by! We are so excited to get to Newport already! :)

I have a few questions for you guys who will be in the photography class.
A: Do you shoot manual?
B: Does your camera have manual capabilities?

And if you could rank in order of importance, it will greatly help us:

- composition
-learning your camera
-post processing

Thank you! If you have any questions, please post them here. Again, we'd love your input. We know that the range will be broad so if we could get an idea of where you're at, it'd help us plan better!



  1. I am soo excited that this event is almost here! My camera has the capacity to shoot manual. I am shooting with a Sony a100. I have shot in manual before.
    In order of importance, I would rank the following items: Composition, Lighting, Perspective, Post processing, Learning my camera.

  2. I shoot with a canon rebel. I can turn it to manual. I would lighting, post processing and learning my camera would be the most important. So excited about your class, Jamie!

  3. these are so helpful you guys! thank you! if you know anyone else coming, maybe you can point them to this thread for me?

  4. My digi SLR does have manual are my preferences...
    learning your camera
    post processing

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  6. Hi Jamie,
    Photography was my minor in undergrad. However, that was like, 18 years ago! I have been shooting with my Canon Rebel 2000SLR and never looked back. The auto focus is nice with the aging eyes, you know? That being said, I miss being able to control the more artistic features in the composition. I have forgotten how to bracket, use the aperture and fstops. I would love to have a refresher on those basics. You know, the important stuff back when we had to use a darkroom. Now I just fix everything in photoshop! It would be a huge time saver to get the shot right the first time, be in control of the shot, and possibly, not have to fix it in photoshop! I would love some composition tips, or photoshoot ideas, too.
    Looking forward to your class!

  7. very good to know! im taking notes! :) again, please send your friends to this thread! :)

  8. Hi Jamie, for me, it would be in this order: Lighting, Perspective, Post processing, Learning my camera, Composition. Look forward to seeing you again. Thanks!

  9. Hello Jamie,
    For me it would be to learn how to use my camera, that's the most important one.I would love to learn how to do the rest of them but learning to to use my camera to me is most important.

  10. Hi Jamie! My camera has manual capabilities and I rarely shoot in manual. So my rank of importance is: learning my camera, lighting, composition, post processing, and perspective. Thank you so much!

    Kelly Bird

  11. Hi Jaimie, I don't shoot in manual mode very much. Sometimes just playing around, but I have almost no clue as to what I'm really doing! I would rank importance to being learning my camera, lighting, composition, perspective, and post processing. See you soon!!