Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Want to know more??

We wanted to share two more of the designers who are doing make and takes. And let me tell you, they are good! They have both actually taught my all time two favorite projects.

A very long time ago, I'm thinking at least 5 years, Kim taught her first class and I was there. It was the cutest Halloween banner I have ever seen. Not only was the project to die for cute but the way she presented everything was just like you were getting the best birthday present ever! She was such a doll we all begged her to create more and I was thrilled to make a Christmas banner with her. Every year for each of the holidays I can't wait to pull those out and put them on my mantel. They make me so happy. And so does being around Kim. She's just a delight. She is working on a darling project for the event and all I can tell you is it involves felt. YUM!

You have probably seen some of Suzy's work every time you've opened a Creating Keepsakes magazine. She is a Hall of Famer. She can take an ordinary product and make it an extraordinary project. She's incredibly talented. She's super funny. You will be soooooo happy to make a little project from her. I wanted to tell you about my favorite project from her but I just realized I have 3! Seriously, I don't think I can narrow them down. Pretty much everything I've ever seen her do I love! Shh, don't tell her but my first favorite project I did of hers still has no pictures. It's just so cute that I'm waiting to go on a better vacation and take better pictures so I can do the book justice. But that's our little secret. I proudly display the other two beautiful books.

Reflections is going to be THE event to remember. The amount of talent we have coming to this event is just making me giddy!

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