Friday, November 13, 2009

Fun girls!

Last week Karen and I got to have some creative fun in Salt Lake City. We were super excited that Elizabeth Karchner agreed to teach at Reflections but after meeting her in person we are even more excited!! She is creative, fun, sweet and just the cutest girl you will ever meet. You are going to LOVE her!!

We were so happy to meet up with Haley from Sassafras Lass. She is such a sweetie and oh so much fun!! Last year Sassafras was such a huge sponsor and so supportive of Reflections. Haley and Rebecca even came to the event! This year we are thrilled to announce that they will be a sponsor again. Don't be surprised if they are sitting next to you in a class either :)
I was practicing my photography skills on Haley. Isn't this picture adorable!?! Love it!

We have people registering from all over the world. Please leave a comment as to where you are coming from. I will have to see if I can figure out how to add one of those maps to the sidebar. We can't wait to meet all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Hi! Tran from So. Cal! Well, Fullerton to be exact. :-P SSOOO excited and can't wait! :-)

  2. Just booked my room at the Hyatt! Cannot wait!

  3. Wooh hoo! We can't wait either!

  4. What is the deal? Am I the only obsessed one over this? Where are the rest of the addicts? Just being shy?

  5. Love these pics from Spark....Haley from Sass is fabulous! Love, love the pics....reflections looks like an amazing event!